Great Results with StressLess Horse Supplement

Elisa Wallace StressLess Testimonial

“Stressless is great ammunition to battle the most stressful situations. My horses have benefited immensely!”

– Elisa Wallace with Wallace Eventing

Jana Reich recommends StressLess horse supplement

“The horse I’m mainly riding was distracted and spooky while training. Ever since I put her on Stressless she’s much more concentrated and less spooky. She was often internally stressed out about new exercises and training hard, Stressless made my daily training with her much easier and relaxed.”

– Jana Reich

German born Jana Reich, has worked her way up to being Dressage Trainer’s Assistant at Half Halt Stables in Cocoa Florida. She excels in training and competing horses through the levels. In 2012 Jana became Double Regional Champion in 4th level and Prix St. George and has earned her bronze and silver medals.

Richard J, Hendriks Racing

“Racehorses come in all shapes, sizes, and dispositions, yet all are asked to train and perform at peak levels of speed, intensity, and endurance. Training both steeplechasers and flat horses off of a farm, as opposed to a track, offers some reprieve for our equine athletes, but also presents additional challenges, such as increased shipping/vanning and more opportunity for spooking. The addition of StressLess to our training program has resulted in less spooks and bucks from the more spirited and less nervous shippers, as well as quieter horses on stall rest. The apple flavor is palatable and the powder easy to administer. All in all, a great product!”

– Thanks from all at Richard J. Hendriks Racing

“As fox hunters the horses are subject to high fences at fast paces in tight company. Athleticism is critical and bravery is mandatory. The results of StressLess have been spectacular. Within a matter of weeks our horse became a calmer, more easy going horse without sacrificing any of his capabilities in the hunt field.”

– Catherine Ledyard

Catherine and Mike Ledyard are fox hunters with Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Fox Hounds in Pennsylvania. They’ve been riders for over 35 years.

Mary Gleason recommends StressLess horse supplement

“As an amateur I want to feel safe while riding. I bought a Schoolmaster who is an absolutely great horse. But every once in awhile he will get distracted and has quite a big spook and buck in him. Since I put him on Stressless he hasn’t been as distracted, he is less over reactive and much more rideable and pleasant.”

– Mary Gleason

Mr, Nibbles owned by Betty Ledyard

“Mr. Nibbles is a horse with tremendous talent, but due to tension in his body and mind he is unable to fulfill his potential. After just three weeks of taking StressLess, his attitude and ability towards training  completely changed  Difficult, advanced movements became easy. His work ethic is unbelievable. In addition, he used to be very fearful of medical procedures. Now he calmly stands for the vet and farrier. It has been an amazing supplement for him and has made it fun again to ride and train him.”

– Betty Ledyard, Founder of Centerline Distribution