StressLess Drug Testing Results

StressLess Horse Supplement is Tested by Experts!

StressLess is an all natural supplement and to prove it does not test positive for banned substances, we submitted our own horse’s blood and urine to LGC Science for testing. Our horse, Mr. Nibbles, has been on StressLess practically since its inception: he has been taking this supplement for over two years now, at three scoops per day.

We “threw the book” at Mr. Nibbles as far as testing goes and the results speak for themselves:

StressLess Horse Supplement Drug Testing Results

About Our Drug Testing Firm

LGC Science has unrivaled expertise in the equine testing services. Internationally, LGC has successfully performed drug testing for the 2012 and 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. LGC’s Lexington facility tests high profile events such as the Kentucky Derby and Breeders Cup.

LGC has built is reputation on the horse racing industry and in addition assists other regulatory bodies including but not limited to show jumping, dressage and harness racing. LGC has extraordinarily high internal standards and quality assurance for every test they carry out.

StressLess horse supplement drugs tested

*As of the date of these tests, please check with your breed or discipline association for regulations.