60-Day Supply of StressLess

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Keep your hot horse cool with a 60-day supply of our show-safe natural calming and focusing formula.


StressLess Equine SupplementThe Hot Horse Remedy

The calming, mood- balancing StressLess equine supplement can promote decreased signs of stress such as agitation, poor appetite, or poor performance.

The Science Behind StressLess

The StressLess formula works by promoting increased receptivity for behavior modification/training and promotes reduced anxiety in situations such as travel, moving, adoption, meeting new animals/people, showing, medical procedures, or prolonged stall rest.

Other Benefits

  • Safe for short or long term situations.
  • Safe for horses of all ages
  • Does not contain any FEI banned substances
  • No side effects: non- sedating, non- addictive
  • Preservative free
  • Lactose free
  • No herbal ingredients
  • Palatable apple flavor

28 reviews for 60-Day Supply of StressLess

  1. Susan McGregor (verified owner)

    I have been using Stressless for two years. It was recommended to me by one of my vets and has made a tremendous difference in my dressage horse’s level of calm and ability to focus…but does not dull ability or performance. I find it effective on the maintenance level;
    however, the dosage can be adapted to provide greater support in higher stress situations. I have a safe, healthy, and happy horse who approaches his work with more focus (and less spook!). Stressless is given to the horse…but the benefit is to the rider/trainer!
    And, the customer service is outstanding! THANK YOU!

  2. Laurie Salmi

    This product has made a noticable difference in my Half Arabian gelding. He is much more in the moment and less emotionally reactive yet able to retain his energy level. I’m so glad my vet recommended this product!!

  3. Susanna Raymond, S&P Stables and Horse Rescue

    This is awesome stuff. I use this at my rescue.

  4. Louise Levesque

    Great product I’ve seen it work wonders on several different breeds and disciplines giving the horses/ponies the competitive edge to get the job done.

  5. Jessica Snyder, Bay Point Equestrian Center

    My horse was just too reactive and unpredictable for my 6-year-old to ride him anymore…By day 5 he was a mellow, focused pony. Thank you StressLess!

  6. Gabbie Sacco, Junior Rider, StressLess Ambassador

    StressLess allows my horse to be more focused and confident in the intensive environments that come along with competition.

  7. R.B.

    “Legend (aka Wizard) is doing great! We are still a long way from competing at PSG but today we had some marvelous flying changes in both directions. I adore this pony. Thank you StressLess for helping us.” R.B.

  8. Marta Renilla

    I feel that my horses are much happier and relaxed since I began using StressLess. I highly recommend StressLess to everyone – you will be so impressed!

  9. Kris Killam

    StressLess is an amazing product that has really helped my horses at Dresden Manor Farm. Top Horse Gangster CHS has jumped clean in every 7-year-old class since we started using it. It allows me as the rider, to keep his body fresh to jump but helps his mind to stay quiet for the rideability on course.

  10. Johanne Marcoux

    StressLess has worked miracles on my horse. The horse that I use StressLess on since January had been out in rehab for the last year. Back in January, we started working him again. Needless to say, he was full of energy, stress, and nervousness. He is a big 17.2 hands horse and was a nervous horse even before his injury. It was difficult for my trainer and me to keep his focus on the work without spooking. Considering his past injury, we needed to avoid situations where he could hurt himself again. StressLess has worked miracles on him by keeping his focus so we could start training him again by avoiding nervous outbursts (with the risk of hurting himself) and finally by keeping him safe for my trainer and myself to ride. As of today, he is fully back into Dressage competition level training. He is even more settled mentally now than he was before he got injured. StressLess is a great product!

  11. Richard J. Hendriks Racing

    Racehorses come in all shapes, sizes, and dispositions, yet all are asked to train and perform at peak levels of speed, intensity, and endurance. Training both steeplechasers and flat horses off of a farm, as opposed to a track, offers some reprieve for our equine athletes, but also presents additional challenges, such as increased shipping/vanning and more opportunity for spooking. The addition of StressLess to our training program has resulted in fewer spooks and bucks from the more spirited and less nervous shippers, as well as quieter horses on stall rest. The apple flavor is palatable and the powder easy to administer. All in all, a great product!

  12. Elisa Wallace

    StressLess is great ammunition to battle the most stressful situations. My horses have benefited immensely!

  13. Marilyn Silvers

    I’ve seen StressLess help several horses become calm and focused enough to compete successfully. Most owners and trainers wish they had found the product sooner!

  14. Oliver McCarthy

    Since I have started using StressLess on my horses I have found a huge difference in them. They feel so much more relaxed and happier in themselves day in, day out.

  15. Dawn & Denny Frey

    The best gift we ever gave our daughter was her horse’s daily dose of StressLess!

  16. Mary Ellen Deruschi

    I have seen for myself horses that use StressLess as a supplement for focus and calmness. The transformation is nothing short of miraculous. It is an extraordinary product.

  17. Dr. Katie Malensek

    After starting StressLess, Betsy began to focus The hot horse that I bought for eventing turned out to be a dressage star at Fourth Level and recently competed at Prix St. George!

  18. Pru Osborn (verified owner)

    It is miraculous to me! I have spent so much $$$ on calmers to no avail and then StressLess came to my rescue without a deadening effect. I give him 4 scoops with breakfast and my life in the field & showing is StressLess!

  19. Rick Wallace, Team Wallace

    “Thanks, Betty for a product that we can’t do without! Order it today and help all types of behavior!”
    “What a great supporter of Eventing! StressLess is the best – order it as it makes my horses perform amazingly!”
    “Team Wallace is a firm believer in StressLess Horse Supplement! Stressless helps all types of horses perform at their highest potential! Order today and get big results!”
    “This is an amazing product! Munson is a big spooker but on StressLess I have noticed a huge difference!”

  20. Haley Curry (verified owner)

    I love StressLess! Within 4 days of starting it my horse’s goofy attitude turned into one that is concentrated & working!

  21. Rick Wallace (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product! Munson is a big spooker but on StressLess I have noticed a huge difference!

  22. Archer Israel

    Pretty miraculous. My horse Trev is overall pretty calm, but I have used StressLess with him several times for competition or training stress… I recently started riding him after months and months of stall rest and hand walking. It seemed like drugs were the only answer to easing his pent up energy to prevent injury—but I hate the idea of any medication used long term. Anyway, I put him back on StressLess and it has been unbelievably effective!

  23. Chelsea Gallagher, Rescue Horses by Gallagher

    Thank you for helping Steppin with his nerves and anxiety. Prior to being put on StressLess, this barrel horse side stepped, bolted, ran through the bridle, and would lose time in the gate. He was hot, hot, hot! One month on StressLess and we saw him calmly walking around with a young child in the rider’s lap – just before going into the gate. He is a whole new horse before and after he runs! Love StressLess.

  24. Mary Gleason (verified owner)

    I want to feel safe on my horse. I bought a great schoolmaster but every once in a while he gets distracted and has quite a big spook and buck. Since I put him on StressLess, he is pleasant and less over reactive.

  25. Kylee Hone

    StressLess made a huge difference in Chance. He is much more focused and rideable.

  26. Jana Reich

    The horse I’m mainly riding was distracted and spooky while training. Ever since I put her on Stressless she’s much more concentrated and less spooky. She was often internally stressed out about new exercises and training hard, Stressless made my daily training with her much easier and relaxed.

  27. The Ledyards

    As fox hunters, the horses are subject to high fences at fast paces in tight company. Athleticism is critical and bravery is mandatory. The results of StressLess have been spectacular. Within a matter of weeks, our horse became a calmer, easier going horse without sacrificing any of his capabilities in the hunt field.

  28. Hilda Donahue (verified owner)

    My high performance horses are much more easily managed and focused when on StressLess.

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