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Mr. Nibbles - StressLess Horse Supplement


The Passionate Inspiration

A PMU rescue out of Canada, he was headed for slaughter. My plan was to rescue him and find him a good home. My plans changed when I felt his natural talent and movement. He had extraordinary training over the years and showed excellent potential. But, he was an “If only” horse. If only he was more focused, if only he was not so spooky, so tense through the back, so tense in the mind. Then we were introduced to StressLess and everything changed. Within weeks, he accepted his training willingly, without tension in his body or in his mind. His focus was unbelievable. He is finally, calmly reaching his potential. The complete turn around in Mr. Nibbles has led me, his owner, Betty Ledyard to firmly believe in this product as I have seen and experienced the results first hand.

Betty Ledyard - Centerline Distribution


Owner / Director

Being a long time horse owner of many disciplines she has looked into the various options for calming and focusing her equine partners with limited success. Stressless’s ability to promote and enhance the potential of every equine athlete safely has made her proud to be the US distribution manager of StressLess.

Jana Reich - Centerline Distribution


Sales Representative

In 2012, Jana achieved double regional Champion in 4th level and Prix St. George and has earned her bronze and silver medals. In 2015 she won two 4 year old tests with a 74% and 79% with the talented Floridian.

Originally from Germany, she excels in training young horses through the levels and competing.

Marilyn Silvers - Centerline DistributionMARILYN SILVERS

Sales Representative

Marilyn has seen the miraculous results of the products and wants to help others with their anxiety prone and highly reactive horses.

Marilyn Silvers has a background in advertising and marketing and owns a small boarding facility in Florida.

AJ Neste Photography - Centrline DistributionAJ NESTE


A.J. has spent the past 15 years traveling the world shooting for numerous publications, documenting notable personalities, musicians and athletes. A.J.’s uncanny talent to capture the moment combined with his humor are what make A.J. so desirable to clients. His positive energy toward life give’s his subjects the opportunity to be themselves and produce images that everyone can relate to.​


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