How StressLess Works

Our feed additive equine supplement is a casein protein-based product that has a calming and focusing effect on horses of all ages and in all types of situations. Casein is the protein derived from cow’s milk that has been found to have a calming, anxiety relieving reaction in many animal species including horses, dogs, cats, and even humans.

The casein is isolated without the use of chemicals through an all-natural process called an enzymatic reaction, similar to the way cottage cheese curds are derived from milk. Ingesting it has shown to calm the equine brain and decrease stress reactions such as agitation and over-excitability. We believe it is the best “hot horse” remedy you will find.

How StressLess WorksStressLess increases receptivity to training and behavior modification and ultimately decreases poor performance. It is safe for long or short term use, has no side effects (no drowsiness or impaired motor function), and it will absolutely not affect the brilliance of your horse. Our horse supplement has a palatable apple flavor and it is show safe, non-addictive, and herbal free. It does not contain lactose or preservatives.

Developed and made in the U.S., this miracle for equine mental health was first conceived by a group of research veterinarians, trainers, pharmaceutical executives, and horse owners.

They collaborated to develop a calming product that was safe, natural, effective, and easy to administer.  StressLess has been refined over time and is now the best product on the market to promote calmness in horses naturally.