Keep your hot horse cool

with StressLess ®

StressLess® for Horses

A calming equine supplement

StressLess Horse SupplementStressLess® for Horses is an all-natural equine supplement that helps promote calmness and focus in horses experiencing stress related to training, showing, racing, or travel.

StressLess® for Horses is non-herbal and all natural.


The Pros Trust StressLess®

Sara Schmidt dressage champion recommends StressLess For Horses

“Stressless has done wonders for my high strung high performance dressage horses. It takes their over reactive brains and allows them to channel their energy in a more productive way. Helps them handle the stress of shipping and showing at large venues like Global Dressage Festival and allows them to focus on the task at hand.”

– Sara Schmitt

Sara Schmitt is a USEF “S” judge, Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer and international combined driver. Sara has her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals and numerous regional and national awards. She is a two-time USEF National Championship in FEI Single Pony and has represented the US at three FEI World Pony Championships.

“Charlie Fox Trot has put on weight and is super happy and relaxed….This is a fantastic supplement which (I can attest to having used it on several horses ) truly helps our intense, uptight horse partners.”

“Stressless is great ammunition to battle the most stressful situations. My horses have benefited immensely! I also use it on my mustangs and my two boys have benefitted tremendously.. The best part of training the mustangs is watching their faces soften and relax!”

“By far one of the best calming supplement we have ever used”

“A big focus for me to be successful in dressage at home and especially at shows is that my horses are relaxed and happy and not tense, hot, or unfocused. My main show horse can be very tense in new surroundings but ever since I put him on StressLess he has gotten much calmer and relaxed. It makes riding and training so much easier and more fun if my horse is less scared!”

“I started using StressLess as an aid to help take the edge off my Lusitano’s intense internal energy during training and travel. It has really helped him stay settled and focused in his training as well as in new environments where he would typically carry more tension. I am so happy to have found a product that I can depend on to keep Linus relaxed and confident during competition and our day to day.”

“The general consensus is that with the Arabian horses started on StressLess we are seeing a DECREASE in emotional reactions, and more thoughtful responses. Arabians are ‘tattletales’ so if the stress issues are coming from a source of pain or discomfort, they are not masked by StressLess, like they can be on other ‘calming’ supplements.”

“I am always looking for better products to help my horses deal with the stresses involved with travel from Europe, from state to state and even with the stresses involved with day to day training and competing. Some of our old options provided a calm horse but they also negatively affected the horses energy required to compete and train at the FEI levels. StressLess is helping all my horses stay calm and focused in daily work, with crazy weather, and during travel and competing, but does not take away their energy and ability to perform at the highest levels!!”

“As a trainer using StressLess we have found it to be a tool that continues to prove it’s worth . StressLess has allowed myself and my students to maintain and progress with our horses lesson to lesson, enabled us to reach goals , show at a higher level as well as maintain a better focus and connection with our horses,”
“I love the stability StressLess creates mentally in order to move forward in our training . I am grateful to find such a wonderful supplement that gives so much , allowing us time well spent “
Just over 6 month’s ago I imported my now 5 year old mare by Glock’s Zonik x Apache. Fast forward a few month’s and having tried all the tools in my toolbox I was now in need of StressLess myself. With our first USA outing scheduled at a tremendously energetic atmosphere, World Equestrian Center, I knew I had to find something that could decrease her intense internal nervousness. Thanks to social media I found StressLess. A product I could trust was show safe and proven. Through the addition of the all-natural supplement I had the ability to improve my relationship with my horse Just in time for WEC there was noticeable:
* Decreased Anxiety
* Improved Internal Nervousness
* Improved mood balance
My horses results at WEC proved StressLess can make a difference.